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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Absolute Organics?

We are a family owned and operated business delivering 100% certified organic produce to your home.

How do I know what I'm going to get in my delivery?

An e-mail is sent in the morning, two business days, before your scheduled delivery listing the 10 to 12 items that are coming in the box.

What if I don't like some fruits or vegetables? Do I still have to get them?

When you sign up, you tell us the items you would not like delivered and we keep these preferences on file.  For any of your scheduled deliveries you will automatically get another item substituted for any your "dislikes".  You can also respond to the email, and custom configure the contents with the items listed.  You can try a "dislike" or get more or less of any of the other items if we have enough available.  You will get a confirmation letting you know we were able to change your box.

Do I have to get weekly deliveries?

Not at all.  We deliver every week, but you and your family may not need a box every week, so you can be set up for bi-weekly deliveries.

What if I am not at home when I receive my delivery?

Most of our customers are not at home when delivery is made.  We simply will leave your produce in a cooler that you leave out in a cool shady area.  If you would like, you can put ice packs in it if the area gets any direct sun or is going to be extremely hot.  If you are not at home, we can only guarantee produce left in a cooler.  If a cooler is not available, we will leave it in the spot you tell us to, but remember to leave the empty box and cooler out next time.  There is a $2 charge for boxes not returned or returned damaged.

Is there a minimum number of deliveries that I have to commit to?

Absolutely not!  You are welcome to try a single delivery.  You may cancel at any time.  Just give us 48 business hours notice before your next scheduled delivery date. 

Do you guarantee your service?

Yes.  We stand behind our produce and service 100%.  If you are dissatisfied with anything simply give us a call and we will do whatever we can to make it right, but because certified organic produce is more delicate, we can only guarantee produce left with someone home or left in a cooler.

How do I order?

You can order by clicking here or call 704-470-4963. 

Do I have to buy a whole box of one item?

No.  All our produce boxes are mixed with 6-7 different kinds of vegetables and 4-5 different fruits each week.  So each produce box will be different each delivery. 

How do I receive a free produce box?

For every referral that you supply to us, we will give you a free box of equal value purchased.  When your friend receives their second delivery, your account will be credited with an amount equal to the value of the size they signed up for.